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  • Who is the artist that drew all these?
    Summer Fey Foovay
  • Are the drawings copyrighted?
    Yes. However, you have my permission to use them for personal use.
  • I can't see the drawings? Or I cannot get them to print out properly.
    It is probably because of the security settings on your computer.
  • Can I print them out and color them?
  • Is there a limit to how many I can use?
    Not at all!
  • Can I use them for my animals on games like Virtual Pups, Virtual Horse Ranch, Sandbox Farm, Howrse and others?
  • Can I use them at Deviant Art?
  • Can I color them and sell them to other people for game money?
  • I like to do crafts, like woodburning, scrapbooking, sewing, and needle work. Can I use them for patterns?
    Yes, but you cannot sell the patterns you made from them, nor can you sell the products you made from them. They are for personal use only. You can give the products as gifts though.

    If you want products made with my artwork, you can buy them at my Zazzle store.

    If you are looking for patterns for the CompuCarve or CarveRight machines - there are patterns made from this artwork available at Carvebuddy

  • Can I use them for a tattoo?
    Yes I am honored you would want my work to be part of your life.
  • You have something almost like what I wanted is it okay if I change the drawing a little?
  • Is it okay if I use this on a school project?
  • I am going to use the art for a non-profit or charity fundraiser, is that okay?
    I prefer you email me for permission. You may even need to show that you do have my permission.
  • I have a small business and want to use the art for a logo or brochure, is that acceptable?
  • You didn't answer my question or I want to make a request.
    Feel free to email me
  • I want to know whenever you add new pictures!
    You can grab the RSS feed to the blog, or bookmark the blog.
  • Can I link to you on my webpage?
    I would love it!

I have one request of you please leave the line art by Color-Your-Own.com on the picture if you can. (I know that some games do not allow text on pictures, so if you have to take it off for that, it? okay)

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